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The "Global Pandemic" of Myopia

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), myopia is a "global pandemic".

  • By year 2050 there will be 5 billion people with myopia.

  • 1 billion will suffer from myopia magna and severe complications.

  • Myopia will become the leading cause of blindness.

Currently there are 30% of myopic people in the world and it is estimated that in 2050 half of the world population will be myopic. In eastern countries such as China, in just 30 years the number of children with myopia has gone from 30% to 80%. Unless we take urgent measures, the same thing will happen in Europe in the coming years.

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What is myopia.app™ eye protection based on?


1. Know the digital habits

Every second myopia.app measures and sends to the cloud the distance between the face and the mobile device, the ambient light and the time spent. It offers healthy tips for you to develop healthy habits.


2. Connect with an eye care professional

Find and connect for free with the nearest optometrist, optician, pediatrician and/or ophthalmologist and receive personalized supervision 24 hours a day through myopia.app™.


3. Enjoy personalized eye protection

Once connected to an eye care professional, they can remotely monitor habits and protect you against risk factors. For example, dimming the screen when you are too close.

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Ph.D. M.Sc. M.Eng. Clinical research software engineer at Indiana Univ. School of Optometry, co-founder and lead Android developer at vision.app

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Optometry & Clinical Research

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david aparicio

David Aparicio

Android Developer

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daniel pina

Daniel Piña

Quantified Self Android

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emilio cubo

Emilio Cubo

Quantified Self iOS

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carlos gomez

Carlos Gómez

Supervision Platform

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Chief Science Officer. University of Murcia (Spain). Co-Founder, Director of the Vision Science Research Group.

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Data science

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adrian caceres

Adrián Cáceres

Cryptology, Systems & Compliance of Cloud Solutions

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jm glez meijome

Prof. José Manuel González Meijome

University of Minho (Portugal). Partner, Senior Editor of the Journal of Optometry.

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pablo de manuel

Pablo De Manuel

Cofounder, CTO, Social impact/telemedicine

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CRM Notification. API, SDK.

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Soft-landing: Managing Deployment in a network.

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Carlos Segundo

Web development

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